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Fig. 1. Three-dimensional (3D) optical recordings of living tissue of the mouse intestinal wall. (A) Six sequential projections of a 3D rendering computed from a 2-photon fluorescence recording of live adult mouse intestine (A1?6). To enhance contrast, DAPI was applied onto the luminal side, as shown in blue and yellow. No other labeling is present. The autofluorescence of endogenous molecules is shown in green; the green speckles apparent in A6 are chlorophyll containing remnants of chow. In red is the second harmonic signal of the collagen layer. (B) Snapshots of a 3D live recording of the intestinal wall of a P0 Wnt1-Cre;R26R-GCaMP3 mouse jejunum. B1?5 show different projections that allow the 3D appreciation of myenteric ganglia, B6?8 show 3 timepoints during which a myenteric neuron shows spontaneous Ca2+ transients that can be clearly followed in an upward projecting process (arrows).
J Neurogastroenterol Motil 2015;21:337~351
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