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Fig. 6. Intramuscular collagen staining is significantly increased in the circular smooth muscle (CSM) layer of the esophagus in achalasia. (A-C) Representative images of histochemistry for detection of collagen using Sirius Red/Fast Green staining, in sections of control esophagus (A), type 1 achalasia (B) and type 3 achalasia (C). The type 3 pattern was typically more aberrant than the other subtypes of achalasia. Arrows indicate regions of red staining (collagen) among the smooth muscle cells (intracellular regions, green). Scale bar, 50 µm. (D) Outcome of image analyses showing increased amount of collagen in achalasia, expressed as % total area of control or biopsy CSM sections. *P < 0.01 vs control. (E) Image analysis showing that the relative amounts of collagen were similar among the individual subtypes of achalasia.
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