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Table. 2.

Characteristics of Reflux Episodes Preceded by Supragastric Belches, Reflux Episodes Followed by Supragastric Belches, and Lone Reflux Episodes

Characteristics Reflux episodes preceded by SGBs Reflux episodes followed by SGBs Lone reflux episodes
Proximal extension (cm) from LES 9.0 (9.0-15.0)a 9 (9.0-16.5)b 9 (7.0-9.0)a,b
Acid contact time (sec) 24.7 (15.3-75.2)a 29.5 (17.3-43.8)b 15.9 (7.4-33.0)a,b
Bolus contact time (sec) 14.7 (10.0-19.4)a 14.7 (10.8-20.5)b 11.9 (9.7-14.3)a,b
% acid reflux 64.1 (50.0-90.1)c 100.0 (50.0-100.0)b,c 63.6 (41.7-91.5)b

aP < 0.05 reflux episodes preceded by supragastric belches (SGBs) vs lone reflux episodes.

bP < 0.05 reflux episodes followed by SGBs vs lone reflux episodes.

cP < 0.05 reflux episodes preceded by SGBs vs reflux episodes followed by SGBs.

LES, lower esophageal sphincter.

Data are expressed as median (interquartile range).

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