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Table. 3.

Gene Ontology Terms From the Interstitial Cells of Cajal-expressed Proteins That Overlap With the Bulk RNA-sequencing Expressed Genes and Interstitial Cells of Cajal Single-cell RNA-sequencing Marker Genes

GO ID Term Benjamin P-value
GO:0030036 Actin cytoskeleton organization 2.67E-07
GO:0007015 Actin filament organization 1.42E-05
GO:0070252 Actin-mediated cell contraction 1.29E-04
GO:0006937 Regulation of muscle contraction 7.46E-04
GO:0007517 Muscle organ development 2.32E-03
GO:0043270 Positive regulation of ion transport 2.32E-03
GO:0014706 Striated muscle tissue development 2.32E-03
GO:0030049 Muscle filament sliding 2.98E-03
GO:0051146 Striated muscle cell differentiation 3.80E-03
GO:0016477 Cell migration 4.37E-03
GO:0055002 Striated muscle cell development 4.37E-03
GO:0031032 Actomyosin structure organization 5.17E-03
GO:0000902 Cell morphogenesis 5.17E-03
GO:0055001 Muscle cell development 5.17E-03
GO:0048468 Cell development 5.95E-03
GO:0006941 Striated muscle contraction 5.95E-03
GO:0010959 Regulation of metal ion transport 6.65E-03
GO:0042692 Muscle cell differentiation 1.08E-02
GO:1904062 Regulation of cation transmembrane transport 1.46E-02
GO:0048513 Animal organ development 1.65E-02
GO:0046716 Muscle cell cellular homeostasis 1.65E-02
GO:0072358 Cardiovascular system development 1.96E-02
GO:0072359 Circulatory system development 1.96E-02
GO:0030334 Regulation of cell migration 2.10E-02
GO:0051271 Negative regulation of cellular component movement 2.32E-02
GO:2000145 Regulation of cell motility 2.82E-02
GO:0051017 Actin filament bundle assembly 3.08E-02
GO:0045055 Regulated exocytosis 3.08E-02
GO:0010927 Cellular component assembly involved in morphogenesis 3.21E-02
GO:0043269 Regulation of ion transport 4.47E-02

GO, gene ontology.

Terms related to interstitial cells of Cajal functions are highlighted in gray.

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