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Fig. 3. Change in distensibility index (DI) of the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) measured with EndoFLIP before and after the procedure (patient no. 9). (A) High-resolution manometry showed normal results. (B) Although the integrated relaxation pressure (IRP) was normal, the DI of the LES before D-POEM was determined to be lower than normal (1.4 mm2/mmHg at 50 mL, 2.4 mm2/mmHg at 60 mL, and 2.1 mm2/mmHg at 70 mL). (C) After D-POEM, the DI of the LES improved and normalized (2.0 mm2/mmHg at 50 mL, 4.7 mm2/mmHg at 60 mL, and 4.5 mm2/mmHg at 70 mL).
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