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Fig. 1. Diverticular peroral endoscopic myotomy for symptomatic epiphrenic diverticulum. (A) The proximal part of the septum between the true lumen and the diverticulum was observed. (B) Submucosal injection 2-3 cm proximal to the diverticular septum. (C) A submucosal bleb and mucosal opening were created. (D) Submucosal tunneling was started from the mucosal opening. (E) Submucosal tunneling was continued toward both the diverticulum side and the esophageal side. (F) The septum was exposed by dissecting the submucosal layer of both sides. (G) A complete septotomy was performed at the base of the diverticulum. (H) The height of the diverticular septum was significantly lower. (I) The mucosal opening was closed with hemoclips.
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