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Fig. 5. Schematic illustration of typical pattern of activation of pharyngeal, hyoid, and laryngeal muscles before and during retching, vomiting, and swallowing. Note the significant differences between responses during the retch and inter-retch periods and the 3 stage response during vomiting. I, II, and III, indicates phases of the vomit as described in the review. MH, mylohyoideus; GH, geniohyoideus; TH, thyrohyoideus; HG, hyoglossus; HP, hyopharyngeus; SP, stylopharyngeus; TP, thyropharyngeus; CP, cricopharyngeus; E, esophagus, #, cm from pylorus; SH, sternohyoideus; ST, sternothyroideus; CT, cricothyroideus; TA, thyroaretynoideus; CD, cricoarytenoideus dorsalis; DH, diaphragmatic hiatus. Adapted from Lang et al.14
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