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Fig. 4. Simultaneous recording of myoelectric (E) and contractile (SG) activities of gastrointestinal tract from same sites during gastrointestinal motor correlates of vomiting activated by apomorphine. Hatched bars, period of electrical control activity (ECA) disruption; filled circles, initiation of ECA frequency slowing; and vertical arrows, occurrences of retrograde giant contraction (RGC) potential at upstroke of RGC. Note that the RGC potential occurs at the upstroke of the RGC, ECA disruption propagates orad ahead of the RGC, and the ECA returns after ECA disruption at a slower rate than before ECA disruption. A, antrum; D, duodenum; J-I, jenuno-ileum. The frequcncy range of 0.16-10 Hz indicates the filter used to record the electrical activity. The numbers after the letters indicate the cm from the pylorus of the strain gauge. Adapted from Lang et al.18
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