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Fig. 3. Correlation of thoracic esophageal stretch with tonic pharyngoesophageal contraction. Note that the thoracic esophagus stretches about 8 mm concomitant with the pharyngoesophageal tonic contraction, and that the thoracic esophagus remains relaxed throughout retching and vomiting.9 RGC, retrograde giant contraction; S, swallow; R, retch; V, vomit; TH, thyrohyoideus; CP, cricopharyngeus; ESOc, cervical esophagus; ESOth, thoracic esophagus; A, antrum; ESOlth, thoracic esophageal length gauge; #, location of recording device # cm from the pylorus; DD, diaphragm dome. Solid horizontal bars indicate period of pharyngoesophageal tonic contraction or thoracic esophageal stretch. The ESOLth-5 and A recordings are from strain gauges and the remainder are from electrodes. Adapted from Lang.9
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