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Fig. 7. Tension recordings in human colon smooth muscle strip and electric field stimulation after MRS2500 treatment in the human colon. Electric field stimulation of 10 Hz for 10 seconds induced on- and off-contractions in smooth muscle strips of right and left colons before and after 1 µM MRS 2500 administration (A). In the right colon and left colon, the amplitude and area under the curve (AUC) of the on-contraction were significantly elevated after the administration of 1 µM MRS2500 (B). In contrast, the amplitude (Amp) and AUC of the off-contraction in the right and left colon significantly decreased after 1 µM MRS 2500 administration (B). Rt, right; Lt, left; Control, before MRS 2500.*P < 0.05.
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