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Fig. 1. Alpha and beta diversity data of the probiotic and placebo groups. The plots depict the differences in the diversity of the pre- and post-treatment samples in the (A-C) probiotic and (D-F) placebo groups. The boxplots represent the alpha diversity using the (A, D) Chao1 and (B, E) Shannon indices, and (C, F) the principal coordinate analysis plots demonstrate the beta diversity based on the Bray-Curtis dissimilarity. No significant differences in alpha diversity (Chao1, P = 0.878; Shannon, P = 0.644) were observed in the probiotic group (A, B). The permutational multivariate analysis of variance (PERMANOVA) showed that there were no significant differences after probiotic treatment (P = 0.329, C). P-values of the Wilcoxon rank-sum test for the Chao1 and Shannon indices and PERMANOVA were 0.955, 0.632, and 0.686, respectively, in the placebo group (D-F). PC, principle component.
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