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Fig. 1. Study flowchart. A total of 3583 patients with esophageal motility disorders (EMDs) were registered in 13 hospitals. Study 1 was performed in 2109 patients to clarify the differences in achalasia diagnoses between Starlet, ManoScan, and Sandhill high-resolution manometry (HRM) systems. Furthermore, to analyze the characteristics of patients with type I, II, and III achalasia diagnosed using HRM, a total of 1824 treatment-naive patients with achalasia diagnosed using Starlet HRM were selected. Study 2 was performed to investigate the impact of calcium channel blocker and nitrate use. Nine patients underwent HRM before and after medication. Study 3 was performed to clarify the etiology of symptom recurrence, and 392 patients with Eckardt score ≥ 4 after achalasia interventions (344 cases with balloon dilation [BD] and 48 cases with Heller myotomy [HM]) were selected; among treatment-naive patients recruited in Study 1, patients with Eckardt score ≥ 4 were assigned to the control group. CCv3.0, Chicago classification version 3.0; JE, Jackhammer esophagus; DES, Distal esophageal spasm; EGJOO, Esophagogastric junction outflow obstruction; POEM, peroral endoscopic myotomy; BTX, botulinum toxin.
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