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Fig. 2. The correlation between gut hormones and body weight changes after subtotal gastrectomy. (A) The pre-operative AUC level of ghrelin negatively correlated with change of the weight loss (Δ = weight at 4 months after surgery−weight at pre-operative state) in the 4 months after surgery, showing significant negative correlation under adjusting for age and sex (ρ = –0.8, P = 0.024). B. The relative change in weight loss over a period of 0-4 months negatively correlated with the relative change to the plasma AUC level of ghrelin and showed a borderline significance after adjusting for age and sex (ρ = –0.8, P = 0.070). Relative change was calculated as a percentage after calculating the difference between the values at the pre-operative state from the value at 4 months after surgery, then dividing it by the value at the pre-operative state.
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