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Fig. 2. Findings of pathology. (A) Duodenal biopsy shows marked villous atrophy, relative crypt hyperplasia, and goblet cell depletion in duodenal mucosa. Patchy chronic inflammatory cell infiltration is noted in the lamina propria (H&E, ×10 objective lens). (B) Increased eosinophilic infiltration (approximately 120/high power field) is noted in the basal part of the lamina propria. (H&E, ×40 objective lens). (C) Biopsy taken from the duodenal third portion shows marked villous blunting and gastric metaplasia (H&E, ×10 objective lens). (D) Duodenal biopsy, which was performed previously at another hospital, shows more prominent mixed inflammatory cell infiltration, villous blunting, and crypt hyperplasia (H&E, ×10 objective lens).
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