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Fig. 4. Representative micrographs of the liver tissue stained with (A) H&E (black arrow, hepatocyte with regular morphology; black arrowhead, Kupffer cell; white arrow, fatty vacuoles in liver parenchyme; white arrowhead, hepatocyte with ballooning). Central vein (CV) and (B) Gomori’s trichrome (black arrow, connective tissue stained in green color; black arrowhead, fatty vacuoles in liver parenchyme). (C) Representative micrographs of the intestine tissue in the normal diet (ND) (black arrow, epithelial cells with normal morphology; black arrowhead, Goblet cell) and high-fat diet (HFD) (black asterisk, vascular congestion; black arrowhead, congestive regions; white asterisk, neutrophil infiltration; white arrow, hypertrophied epithelial cells; white arrowhead, intestinal gland with abnormal appearance) groups. Stained with H&E. Bars showing 100 μm and 50 μm (insets). (D) Histological damage scores in the liver and intestines of rats fed with ND or HFD. *P < 0.05, ***P < 0.001, compared to the corresponding tissue of the ND-fed group.
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