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Table. 2.

Studies Focused on Gender Difference

Author, year Human/animal Sex/age Specific microorganism Result in sex difference/effect of microbiota
Sinha et al,41 2019 Human Both Akkermansia, Bacteroides caccae, Coprobacillus, Rothia mucilaginosa, Clostridium bolteae, etc. Females had higher antibiotic resistance genes
Santos-Marcos et al,42 2018 Human Pre-/post-menopausal female Lachnospira, Roseburia, Prevotella, Parabacteroides, Bilophila Difference between pre- and post-menopausal women
Koren et al,43 2012 Human Pregnant women Proteobacteria, Actinobacteria Microbiota changed from T1 to T3
Cox-York et al,44 2015 Rat Female Bacteroidetes Relationship of LCR/HCR with OVX
Lee et al,45 2018 Rat Both young and old Akkermansia muciniphila, Desulfovibrionaceae Different response to HFD
Johnson et al,4 2020 Mice Both juvenile and adult Bacteroides, Verrucomicrobia, Proteobacteria, Firmicutes, Cyanobacteria, etc. Microbial depletion affected differently according to sex
Sha et al,46 2013 Human Both Bacteroides, Bifidobacterium, Helicobacter, Lactobacillus, Enterococcus, etc. No sex difference was reported in IBD
Halfvarson et al,47 2017 Human Both Enterobacteriaceae, Ruminococcaceae, Prevotella, Faecalibacterium Genetic load scores (GLS) were more predictive than was sex
Frank et al,48 2007 Human Both Bacteroides, Proteobacteria, Fusobacteria, Actinobacteria, Firmicutes, etc. No sex difference was reported in IBD
Kozik et al,49 2017 Mice Both Ruminococcaceae, Anaerostipes, Peptostreptococcaceae, Adlercreutzia, Coriobacteria, Streptococcus, etc. Sex and age difference in colitis model
Shastri et al,50 2015 Rat Both Bacteroidetes, Lactobacillaceae, Porphyromonadaceae, Prevotellaceae Response to oligofructose supplementation was different between sex
Takagi et al,51 2019 Human Both Prevotella, Megamonas, Fusobacterium, Megasphaera, Bifidobacterium, Ruminococcus, Akkermansia Sex difference in Japanese subjects
Dewulf et al,52 2013 Human Female Bifidobacterium, Faecalibacterium prausnitzii, Bacteroides, Propionibacterium Effect of inulin diet on obese women
Feng et al,53 2014 Human Both Faecalibacterium prausnitzii Difference between sex
Aguirre et al,54 2011 Human Both Faecalibacterium prausnitzii Difference between sex
Mueller et al,55 2006 Human Both Eubacterium rectale, Clostridium coccoides, Bacteroides, Prevotella, Bifidobacterium Difference between sex
Walsh et al,19 2020 Mice Both adolescent and adult Antibiotic study Difference between age and sex
Sheng et al,56 2017 Mice Both Desulfovibrionaceae, Deferribacteraceae, Helicobacteraceae Sex difference in WD-induced steatosis
Mu et al,57 2017 Mice Both/castration Lactobacillus strains Sex difference in probiotic administration effect
Lee et al,58 2017 Rat Both Lactobacillus farciminis Sex difference in probiotic administration effect
Zhang et al,59 2018 Mice Both Bacteroidetes, Firmicutes, Proteobacteria, Barnesiella, Clostridium XIVa, etc. Sex difference in anti-aging intervention
Karunasena et al,60 2014 Mice Both Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis, Lactobacillus animalis NP-51 Sex difference to introduced microorganisms
Mahnic et al,61 2018 Human Both Fungal community No sex difference
Strati et al,62 2016 Human Both Fungal richness/Aspergillus, Tremellomycetes Fungal richness; difference in culture-based analysis; no difference in metagenomics
Edogawa et al,63 2018 Human Both Prevotella, etc. Sex difference to NSAID
Son et al,64 2019 Mice Both Lactobacillus murinus, Bacteroides acidifaciens, and Helicobacter hepaticus Sex difference during development of IBD

LCR/HCR, high (HCR) and low (LCR) aerobic capacity; OVX, ovariectomy; HFD, high-fat diet; IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; WD, western diet; NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

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