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Fig. 1. Beta and alpha diversity of cecal microbiota of 6-week-old (6 wk), 31-week-old (31 wk), 74-week-old (74 wk), and 2-year-old (2 yr) rats. (A) Principal coordinates analysis (PCoA) of cecal microbiota depending on the age of the rats. x-axis: 1st PC, percent variation explained 14.951%; y-axis: 2nd PC, percent variation explained 9.904%. (B-D) Comparison of the alpha diversity index of the cecal microbiota at different ages; (B) the observed operational taxonomic unit (OTU) count, (C) Chao 1, and (D) Shannon index. NS, not significant.
J Neurogastroenterol Motil 2021;27:134~146
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