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Table. 1.

The Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice Questions of Gastroparesis

What is your definition of gastroparesis?
How common is gastroparesis after 10 years of diagnosis of type 2 diabetes mellitus in your practice?
What is the gold standard for the diagnosis of gastroparesis?
Which of the following drugs do you use for treating gastroparesis in your practice?
What is the proportion of functional dyspepsia patients who may suffer from delayed gastric emptying in your practice?
In your institute delayed gastric retention was determined to be?
Do you think it is important to diagnose gastroparesis?
What do you think is the reason for the lack of interest in gastroparesis diagnosis?
For a patient with suspected gastroparesis, I will normally (Please choose one answer below)
How many gastropareses did you diagnose this year?
Is gastric emptying scan available in your institution?
How many gastric emptying scans did you order this year?
What is your preferred diagnostic test for gastric emptying?
What kind of time frame is your hospital doing gastric emptying scan?
What kind of test meal for gastric emptying scan is your hospital using?
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