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Table. 1.

Perinatal Factors and Development of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Study Population  IBS diagnosis Methodology Sample size Risk factors
Anand et al,11 2004, Sweden Birth records IBS symptoms Matched case-control 96 Gastric suction at birth
Bengtson et al,8 2006, Norway Norway Birth Registry Self-completed Questionnaire Retrospective 345 Low birth weight (< 1500 g)
Raslau et al,9 2016, USA Survey responders Survey, self-reportTalley, Rome A population-based nested case-control study 89 Low birth weight
Koloski et al,12 2015, Australia Survey responders Self-completed Questionnaire Rome I Prospective data collection Recollection 130 Shorter duration of breastfeeding 
Waehrens et al,10 2018, Sweden Swedish Birth Registry ICD Codes –Record Review Longitudinal Birth Cohort 24 633 Caesarean, low birth weight

IBS, irritable bowel syndrome; ICD, International Classification of Diseases.

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