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Table. 3.

Future Avenues for Research and Gaps in Knowledge in the Assessment of Colonic and Anorectal Disorders

Cost effective and clinically pragmatic method for identifying IBS in clinic using new questionnaire(s) and/or biomarkers

Generate normative data using the IAPWG consensus protocol for anorectal manometry

Assess the clinical significance and algorithmic flow of the London Protocol for anorectal disorders

Cost effectiveness and comparative utility of wireless motility capsule with radio-opaque markers in the assessment of colonic transit in chronic constipation

Comparative evaluation of IBS severity tools and development of a simpler user––friendly tool for adoption by clinicians in practice

Comparative evaluation of the fecal incontinence severity assessment tools, and to identify a practical and simple tool for clinical assessment of FI severity

Assessment of and adherence to the AGA guidelines and/or Rome diagnostic criteria for constipation and IBS by practitioners in the community

IBS, irritable bowel syndrome; IAPWG, International Anorectal Physiology Working Group; FI, fecal incontinence; AGA, American Gastroenterological Association.

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