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Fig. 2. Schematic representation of translational approach to assess the impact of mucosal bioactive factors on sensory afferents, enteric nerves and epithelial permeability. (A) Mucosal biopsies are taken from the mucosa of descending colon. (B) Mucosal spontaneous release of bioactive factors is obtained, collected and stored. (C) Laboratory animals and surgical resection specimens of colon are used as recipient for the assessment of the impact of isolated mediators. (D) Readout of visceral sensitivity, sensory nerve discharge, enteric nervous system function and mucosal permeability can be assessed in the presence or absence of specific pharmacologic antagonists/inhibitors to identify specific molecules involved. IBS, irritable bowel syndrome; ENS, enteric nervous system. Adapted from Cenac et al,5 Barbara et al,6 Buhner et al8 and Piche et al.9
J Neurogastroenterol Motil 2011;17:349~359
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