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Fig. 3. A dysrhythmic and tachygastria episode of gastric slow waves during hyperglycemia. (A) Activation maps of the start, mid and post dysrhythmia are shown. The first and third (waves 1 and 3) cycles both demonstrate the normal direction of propagation (), whereas the second wave (wave 2) illustrates an episode of figure-of-8 re-entry. (B) The selected electrograms demonstrated that tachygastria (up to 12 cpm) was associated with the period of re-entry (up to 30 seconds), followed by a 63 seconds of quiescence, before recovery back to the normal direction of propagation, with the exception of the double potentials in some of the posterior channels (p4–p7).
Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility 2019;25:276~285
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