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Fig. 4. Microscopic appearance of colonic pseudo-obstruction without transition zone. (A, B) Diffuse hypoganglionosis with ischemia (patient No. 37). Transmural ischemic necrosis is seen (A) (H&E, ×4 objective lens, scale bar = 500 μm). Note that ganglion cell is absent in the myenteric plexus (arrow) (B) (hematoxylin and eosin [H&E], ×400 objective lens, scale bar = 50 μm), (C, D) Myopathic changes without hypoganglionosis (patient No. 39). Proper muscle layer shows severe loss of smooth muscle fibers and marked interstitial fibrosis (C) (Masson’s Trichrome, ×10 objective lens, scale bar = 200 μm). Ganglion cells are present in the myenteric plexus (arrow) (D) (H&E, ×20 objective lens, scale bar = 100 μm).
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