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Fig. 3. Immunostaining of high-affinity choline transporter 1 (CHT1) in the colon. (A) Double-immunostaining for CHT1 and transmembrane member 16A (TMEM16A) in longitudinal colonic sections from control and water avoidance stress (WAS) rats (×400) revealing that CHT1 in the circular muscle of both naive and WAS rats is exclusively expressed in TMEM16A-immunoreactive (IR) cells and the number of CHT1-IR cells in the muscular layer of WAS rats is significantly increased compared to that of control rats. (B) Double-immunofluorescence on whole-mount preparations of colonic myenteric plexus (MP) (×400) illustrating that TMEM16A is robustly expressed in colonic MP and that all the CHT1-IR cells are co-labelled with TMEM16A. The percentage of CHT1-IR cells in the MP is substantially elevated after 10 days of WAS. Different layers were marked out. White arrows indicate CHT1-positive cells that are mainly fusiform in shape and found within circular muscle, exhibiting the morphological characteristics of interstitial cells of Cajal. White arrowheads indicate CHT1-positive cells that are predominantly round in shape and located between circular and longitudinal muscles, showing the hallmark of MP neurons. ML, mucosal layer; SML, submucosal layer; CML, circular muscle layer; LML, longitudinal muscle layer.
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